Season Schedule

Our Planting Schedule

Every year The Marigold Mile endeavors to plant between 8,000-10,000 marigolds. With the help of Riverview Gardens we need volunteers to help in prepping the soil along the curbs on South Oneida St, growing the seeds, planting the marigolds, weeding, and watering throughout the growing season.

Approximate Timeline (weather dependent with late April snow or rainy May days):

  • Late Winter/Early Spring: Start growing the marigolds from seeds.
  • Late April/Early May: Start prepping the curbs by spraying for weeds, cultivating the soil, and replace the soil and add compost as needed.
  • Late May/June: Let the planting begin!
  • Late June: Complete planting and start fertilizing.
  • Mid July: Some replanting is performed and weeding begins.
  • August – September: Stop and smell the flowers!
  • October – November: Brrr…it’s cold, time to remove the flowers before the ground freezes.