The History of the Marigold Mile

The Planting of  Marigolds was first started by Pam Sturm, the wife of one of the co-owners of Fox Valley Nursery in 1988 in front of their place of business. She planted 50 feet of marigolds. In the years to follow, an alternating pattern of orange and yellow Inca marigolds were planted. This variety was chosen for their overall size and hardiness. Incas can grow a foot wide and 18 inches tall.   

Businesses and residents of South Oneida street admired the flowers so much that they asked the Nursery if these flowers could also be planted in front of their properties.  Fox Valley Nursery complied and gathered volunteers to perform the work and maintenance. In return the volunteers were able to receive Community Service hours if needed for their work.

Fox Valley Nursery hosted the project from the beginning, with planting Marigolds on South Oneida Street. In 2007 the  project was converted into a non-profit organization called The Marigold Mile Inc. 2008 was the first year that over 8000 marigolds were planted on all available boulevards on South Oneida street which is one half mile on each side of the street  from Calumet Street to the Skyline Bridge and a few properties beyond.